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Mackay Baptist Care

Mackay Baptist Care is a professional counselling service that seeks to the community arm of the Mackay Baptist Church. We are aware of the enormous challenges, stresses and pressure that come with everyday life, so we have sought to meet the needs of the church and the Mackay community by providing a professional counselling service.

We seek to offer hope, care, and compassion to a society in need, in response to the two great commandments of Jesus, ‘to love God’ and ‘to love others’. We fulfil this purpose by offering a counselling service and running courses. We work both in the community and in the Church because we believe that the Christian Church should be:

  • Out in the community, putting faith into action
  • Meeting the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs of individuals
  • Teaching life skills to people
  • Training people for service to others
  • Working together to build strong, healthy family relationships
  • Nurturing young lives
  • Restoring the broken relationships of hurt and wounded people

All counsellors working in this service are qualified practitioners and seek to provide professionally competent counselling. They are required to be accountable through a process of supervision and ongoing training.

What is counselling?

From time to time, we all have issues in our lives that could do with some input from a qualified counsellor. People who might seek help include those who are:

  • Coming to terms with the loss of a loved one
  • Wanting to improve the quality of a relationship
  • Having difficulties within their families (eg: arguments, sexual difficulties, physical violence, extra-marital affairs, etc.)
  • Wanting to build a new life
  • Needing spiritual guidance and counsel (an ordained minister is available)
  • Planning marriage or wondering whether to get married
  • Needing assistance to overcome a difficult childhood
  • Needing help with anger management
  • Needing assistance in coping with anxiety and depression
  • Wanting to build self-esteem

Is counselling confidential?

Yes, definitely! Our Counselling Practice Standards demand that confidentiality be kept unless the client has given written permission to disclose information. However, there could be occasions whereby confidentiality needs to be breached because of legal or ethical requirements to do so, such as harm to self or others.

What happens in a counselling session?

During the first session, the counsellor will listen to the circumstances that have led the person to seek counselling. At the end of the appointment, the client and counsellor discuss whether further counselling would be helpful. Further counselling sessions will concentrate on the client’s concerns and how to work towards resolving them.

When issues discussed in counselling have substantial medical, legal, or financial implications, clients will be advised to seek relevant professional assistance. Counselling proceeds at the client’s pace. Appointments usually last an hour, and the frequency depends on the client’s needs and wishes.

Who can utilise this service?

Everyone is welcome to contact us, irrespective of belief or religion. A Christian perspective will be used during sessions if the client is comfortable with this. A referral is not needed.


Phone:(07) 4944 0268
Mobile:0467 392 127 (Ione Watkins)

Fees (per appointment):

Full Rate:$60.00
Concession Rate:$30.00
Church Members:$30.00
Fees applicable from 01/07/2023